You Must Be Know How This Will Make Your Car Accelerate Faster

Rev up your engines,jc row says my car takes a long time to accelerate what could it be, check the spark plugs and check the air filter to see if it’s clogged, I don’t know how many times I had people that had problems and the only thing they needed was an air filter and new spark plugs, if it’s not that change the fuel filter, because if it’s clogged then you can’t get enough fuel to the engine and it will accelerate slowly, those are the most common things, now if you did all of those three things and it still accelerated slowly.

The next thing would be have your fuel pump pressure tested, because if it’s weak it won’t give enough pressure and it will accelerate slowly, and that can be checked with a pressure gauge, past that it gets really complex and you want to see a mechanic to look at all the live and mode 6 data to see what could possibly be going on, but most of the time it’s something simple like spark plugs or air filter, fuel filter that does that, Robert says, what do you think of an 07 Honda crv, only when I accelerate it makes a grinding noise, but the transmission shifts smooth any suggestions, if you accelerate and you get a grinding noise, that’s not a good thing.

I think your talking about your going to buy it, don’t even think about buying it, never buy a used car that makes grinding noises, who knows what it is, and if you already own it, I’ve got the perfect video for that, how to find the source of car noises, it shows exactly how to find car noises, there’s this device and look around for a used one on eBay or something, you put the 4 sensors on different parts of the car and you listen to the headphones, and you can go 1234 channels and you can find exactly where the grinding noise is after you drive it around a little, and if it’s inside the engine or the transmission.

It’s a serious problems, if it only does it when you accelerate that’s a problem in the transmission that’s grinding when it gets the strain on it, cuz if it’s in the engine you just revving up the engine is going to make the grinding noise but if it only does it when your driving and you accelerate it’s normally an internal transmission problem, if your thinking about buying a used car don’t even buy it, you don’t want to mess with something like that, there’s plenty of used cars out there, don’t buy one that has an obvious serious problem like that, Osorio says are replacing plastic parts with metal marks on BMWs worth it, well they are if your planning on keeping the car, yes but here’s the problem.

there are so many plastic parts on modern BMWs, in many cases there are not metal replacement parts you can buy for them, if the intake manifold and everything in those is made out of plastic, nobody makes metal ones anymore, so you got to replace it with a plastic one, the big reason I tell people do not buy a modern BMW is cuz modern BMWs they have so many plastic parts on them that break and cost so much money to replace that I don’t even advice buying them.

but if you own one and you have plastic parts that break and you can get metal ones yes it will make it last a lot longer, but like I said the problem is there’s so many of them, your going to be changing so many parts you’ll probably just get tired and get rid of the car, prince says scotty I got an 03 Honda civic, the heater doesn’t blow hot air when the car is going at low speeds or stopped at lights, what could be the problem, I don’t see any coolant leaks, it’s an 03.

it’s 16 years old, when you’re going faster and not slowing or idling, odds are your heater core is starting to clog up, have the cooling system flushed, and I’ve got a video on that, how to fix your car’s heater, what you do is you take the two hoses off that feed the heater core that go into the firewall, and you flush them and back flush them, so you can get a hose and put it on one of those hoses with the little reduction or a rag to hold it in place and blow it one-way, then go on the other side and back flush it the other way, and maybe you’ll get luck and it will clean the crud out.

Because changing the heater core is very expensive, but a lot of times the flushing works pretty good, tv channel says scotty what is your opinion of the amc ambassador, yeah it was an interesting car, you know amc only made cars for a short period of time, then Chrysler bought them out and the only reason Chrysler bought amc was to get the jeep name so they could sell jeep and then they stopped making everything, the ambassadors are a semi collectible car now, some people that like them and fix them up, and they have a reasonable value .

If their all done over and they run great and have been repainted and stuff, I mean their never going to be like a 67 mustang and the thing is going to go for $50-100k, but I’ve seen people fix those things up and they’ll go for $8-9k if their in great condition and their kind of a unique car to collect cuz their such an oddball car, Andrey says scotty why are you wearing sunglasses in front of pc monitor what’s the danger, well it’s not just the pc monitor, I got flood lights blasting in so it shows good on a phone, that’s the main reason I wear them is cuz I got lights all over the place, it lets me see the monitor better and it gets out the glare from the big lights, plus I’m blind as a bat, these are tri focals, I’ve got 3 levels of lenses and the bottom part I can read and the mid range I can see the camera, and the far rangeI can see far away, so I’m like some kind of an android robot here when I’m doing stuff, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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