You Must Be Know About Where Cricketer Players Make The Most Money


Ever heard of a sport called cricket? Cricket may not be well known in some countries,but for others it’s a pretty big deal. So big, in fact, that some of the best cricketplayers have paychecks that would really blow your mind! You may not know them, but you might justconsider consulting them before your next career change. Just make sure you move to the right countrytoo. So what is cricket? The sport may seem a bit complicated for firsttime watchers so I’m going to try explain it as simply as possible.

It could probably be compared to baseball,but there are quite a few differences. Two teams of eleven players each take turnsto bat and bowl. Let’s call them Team A and Team B. In thiscase, bowling is kind of like pitching; someone who throws a ball really hard at the personwith the bat. The batting team, Team A, has two people ateach end of a cricket pitch; a rectangular piece of hard grass in the middle of a grassfield. Team B has a bowler that throws the ball toone of the batters and a wicket keeper behind the batter. His job is to try to ‘catch out’ the batterby catching the ball after it was touched by the bat. Similar to a strike out but it only has tohappen once.

The rest of Team B are fielders that alsotry to catch out the batter or throw the ball to the wicket; little wooden thingies thatneed to be knocked down if the batter is on the wrong side of the line. If the ball is hit far enough, the two battersof Team A have to run and basically switch places. If they make it safely over the line withouttheir wicket being hit by the ball they have one run. Runs are the points that Team A build up andTeam B has to beat when it’s their turn to bat. If they hit the ball far enough they can getmore points without actually having to run.

There are a few more nitty gritty details,but I think that’s about the gist of it. Pretty simple right? So can their salaries really be so astronomicalthat it’s worth me telling you more about it? Yes, yes they are. You see the average cricketer salary variesin each country and this is causing some dispute. In Australia, for example, international maleplayers would have started off with around 270,000 dollars per year in 2018. So if that’s the starting salary, what dothe MVPs get? In Australia there is a quite a gap betweenthe top players and those who still have to prove themselves. The salary for top tier players peaks at closeto 1.4 million dollars.

This is thanks to the agreement that playersget to share 30% of the money that the sport brings in for the country. That’s really generous! But keep in mind that these players are allgetting other forms of endorsements as well, which makes that yearly salary only a chunkof the actual amount they see in their bank account. Some of the other top cricketing countrieshave a middle tier to bridge the gap between the newbies and the superstars. England cricketers who started out in 2017received a salary of about 265,000 dollars per year, with the middle tier players pocketingclose to 600,000 dollars and the high rollers earning just under 1 million. See how it pays to live in the right country? But like I said, this is purely the salaryand not the total income.


So still not a bad career choice! Let’s take a look at a few more heavy weightcountries when it comes to international cricket. First off is India. Here, the salaries of players are also dividedinto three tiers; Grade A, B and C. Based on the value of each player, they sign individualcontracts, with Grade A being the highest at approximately 150,000 dollars and GradeC earning 46,500. However, if a player shows some outstandingqualities in regards to their cricketing abilities, they can earn over 300,000 dollars every year. New Zealand and West Indies cricket teams’top players earned around 140,000 dollars per year and Sri Lanka comes in 7th placewith their key players receiving around 120,000. I think I understand why there is a bit ofa dispute when it comes to earnings.

There is quite a huge gap between all tierswhen comparing the countries. And unfortunately not all cricketers can playfor one country. That would probably be counterproductive tothe growth of the sport. Let’s hope the countries can find a wayto bridge the gaps a bit. As mentioned before, these players have othermeans of increasing the balance in their personal bank accounts. Like many other sports, there are a few differentcompetitions every year that don’t bind players by country, meaning they have theoption of more than one contract that generates a salary. And of course, there are endorsements to takeinto consideration. This means that even if their contract hasa lower yearly salary than players in other countries, they could still earn more in totalif they are really good. And let’s just say most of them are really,really good at what they do.

Take a look at some of the top earners ininternational cricket in 2017. The current captain of the Indian Cricketteam, Virat Kohli, was the only Indian, as well as the only cricket player, that wasfeatured in the Forbes list of “The World’s Highest Paid Athletes” and earned a mindblowing 22 million dollars in 2017 alone; give or take. However, when it comes to net worth, formerIndian captain, MS Dhoni, still outshines Kohli, at a staggering 111 million. But hey, no one knows what the future holdsin store! With India holding the first two spots ofhighest paid cricketers, West Indies player Chris Gayle, from Jamaica, comes in thirdplace earning around 7 and a half million dollars in 2017.

Australia and South Africa have players thattie for fourth highest paid in their sport in 2017, David Warner and AB De Villiers. If you are thinking of seriously taking upcricket, you should probably know that they do, in fact, work very hard for those bigbucks. It’ll take a lot of effort and superiorskill to even start competing on the level these guys have already mastered. You see, apart from being some of the highestpaid athletes, cricketers have also been labelled among the fittest. Men’s Health UK actually has a workout to“get cricket fit”. Not one I will be attempting any time soon. I guess money isn’t everything! Are you as shocked as I was by some of thefacts of this interesting sport? Like the video and share with a friend. If you have more facts to share about thesalaries in cricket, please sound off in the comments! Subscribe to see even more videos that bringyou the Bright Side of life. Thanks for watching.


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