Why DJI Releases OSMO POCKET Accessories Slowly Must Be Know


Why does DJI release asthma pocket accessories so slowly that’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s real raw blog alright guys so today’s article is gonna be a little different than the most article I do I’m gonna start something newI’m in Grendel’s Park which is one of my favorite parks it’s kind of like an enchanted forest-like everywhere you look it’s like all these cool trees today we’re going to talk about the Osmo pocket accessories so before we get into the article.

I just want to say I’m gonna publish a new article every week sort of like this instead of talking in front of a plain white wall I’m gonna go to a new location walk around and have like a mini vlog I’m gonna call it real raw vlog and basically it’s gonna be real like film and raw like photography so we’re gonna see how it goes if you like it let me know if there are ways I could change it up I thought walking around is gonna be a little better so I’m gonna walk down here just down this path.

I don’t want to get run over this was my favorite Park until I got hit basically I started this playlist I’m gonna do a publish article every week I think I’m gonna do it every Wednesday but I wasn’t able to finish editing the article for this week so that’s why I’m just writing this article today and basicallyI’m gonna use it to answer a lot of your questions so one of the questions I keep hearing is why does CGI release the Osmo pocket accessories so slowly yeah there’s a lot of cars doesn’t anybody work anymore.


I should be talking but anyway the so the Asthma pocket Wow look at these palm trees I just want to show you guys those palm trees right there pretty cool right I hate to rub it in but it’s like 85 degrees today so all the people up north are in cold areas Ido apologize but you’re welcome to visit sunny Florida alright so why doesn’t DJIjust release all the ASIMO pocket accessories at once well basically it comes down to a few things so this is obviously my opinion no one knows for sure exactly.

Why DGI releases its products Osmo pocket accessories so slowly only they do but I think I do have a good idea of why they do this and I’ll tell you why I’ll give you examples so the first reason I believe is that DJI has to have the right material as an entrepreneur or business owner you obviously have to make the most amount of profit so, for example, they could have the underwater housing unit they could have the mic adapter they could have the portable charging station and each one of these accessories uses slightly different materials different ways of making it soDJI has to maximize its profit they’re a company their business their job is to make a profit to stay in business.

It would be nice if they just came out with it right away but they had to find a way to make it both good and to maximize the profit so I’ll give you one example with the Ronin s the Ronin S was first announced over a year ago at CES in Las Vegas and when it was announced they had the prototype so people went to Vegas they got to try it out so why didn’t eg I just really said then well the DGI representative there said that they had to find the right materials or the materials that would make it maybe a little better also would maybe cut down on the price in terms of being able to produce it on a mass scale in terms of making a product or an accessory and producing it on a mass scale.

You really have to get the materials at a reasonable price that you can do it so DJI may come out with all these marketing products and you may see that they have all they have the underwater housing using it they have a mic adapter they have all these different things that you already want and you’re like hey why don’t you just give it to him to us I need to stop him in the shade now I think I got a like a cobweb on my face spiderweb or something like that anyway there are people everywhere.

I thought I would come and have this whole park to myself but I guess no one works in Florida basically my point is that once DJI has a prototype it has to come out with the right materials that will make the product not only good or the accessory not only good but that they can make and maximize their profit margin now that leads to my second reason why DJI hasn’t released the Osmo pocket accessories and the second reason is that if they release them.

All at once you may only buy a few of them the ones you want and you’re not gonna want to buy a lot of the others obviously there are some people that will buy all of them and there are some people who may buy them later but in general, people tend to buy stuff that where there is scarcity when you release just a couple at a time you’re probably gonna buy them and then you release a couple more you’re probably gonna buy those so DG I realize.

Is that hey if we don’t release the portable charging station for the Osmo pocket or we don’t release the mic adapter we don’t release the underwater housing unit people are gonna want them even more so we can charge more money we can wait a little longer to build up the hype we can do more marketing people can talk about it more on the Internet like I’m doing now and that will create more of a desire for that accessory or product.

So it’s basically like marketing 101 I know it’s annoying as a customer but kind of all the tech companies are doing a lot of camera companies my first reaction is I understand the emotional reaction is to be upset at DGI but then also look at like a business point of view and it makes perfect sense there comes a time when if you wait too long then you lose the customer loyalty and it just gets ridiculous so the Ronin s it came out like six months later after they had a prototype.

And then another six months or so for us or even right now we’re finally getting the accessories that we want for it it just took a long time there is a window span where customer loyalty and a reasonable amount of time is fair for these things to come out so I do understand that and sympathize with everyone who has commented below I feel like the Osmopocket accessories should be all gonna be coming out within the next month or so they’re not out by.

I would say early April it’s a little too long the crazy thing about this park is that there’s a lot of raccoons here that they come out during the middle of the day believe it or not so you would think where I couldn’ sleep but if I had food there would be a bunch of raccoons that come out of these like wooded sections over here and they would that’s for another day I’ll tell you a story about that later but we’re gonna get to number three alright so my third and last point for why DJI releases Osmo pocket accessories.

And other accessories very slowly is because they have to look at the market if you look at some of its products that have come out before like the Mavic Air or the Osmo mobile – they release these products because there was competition in the market so if there’s no competition in the market and they’remaking sales they don’t really have a reason to release a new drone maybe anew accessory or so forth because they’re already making money they’remaking a profit people are happy with the product so.

for example, the Osmo Mobile 2 came out at a much lower price point because there are other stabilizers for cell phones that were around 130 140 dollars so that’s why they came out with the Osmo mobile – and then they also had the Mavic air now the Mavic Air came out because they needed a drone in a five hundred to a thousand whoa look at that guy looks at this lizard there are all sorts of cool animals around here all sorts of like lizards iguanas course raccoons.

I’ve seen parakeets and other animals here so it’s pretty cool so back to my point so they released the Mavic air between that $500,000 price point because they wanted a small drone that was within that price range and at the time there was the Evothe hotel Evo drone that was coming out and DG I said to herself well we can’ let them take that share of the market so we have to come up with our own product so basically what DJI does is it spends a lot of money on research and design and it has a lot of prototypes.

I’m sure for products accessories sometimes they talk about it and see how the market reacts so a lot of it is feedback and what people are saying on the Internet and I think they make their decisions based on that course we don’t know for sure but at the end of the day, a lot of the internet and the hype and so forth creates the buzz and ultimately creates the sales all this considering is the reason why DJI doesn’t release everything at once I know it’s frustrating but that’s the way it is every time.


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