(VIDEO) Portland Antifa Invade Residential Neighborhood and Try To Blind Woman With Lasers

Portland Antifa rioters tried to burn down a Portland police station last night and then moved from the city center into a quiet residential neighborhood where they tried to blind a woman with lasers.Hours after attacking the federal courthouse and lighting fire to Portland Police East Precinct, Antifa rioters moved Beaverton, in line with plans for taking their brand of “Direct Action” to the suburbs posted by the far-left group on social media earlier in the day.

#Antifa have started a fire on the front door of the Portland Police east precinct. They tore off the barricade and placed tinder around the fire. They’re trying to burn down the building. #PortlandRiots.And like what #antifa have done w/every building they’ve attacked, they’re now tearing off the protective barrier to the east precinct to break inside. The crowd chants “didn’t see shit” to remind everyone to comply w/remaining silent. #PortlandRiots

The violent attack on the Portland Police East Precinct was organized by Antifa group PNW Youth Liberation Front, according to Andy Ngo who provided screenshots of the violent far-left organization’s call-to-action.PNW Youth Liberation Front advertised the “protest” as a “Direct Action March” calling for “Total abolition” of prisons and the police.“Remember when we were taking about how marches through the suburbs need to happen? Let’s show Beaverton that black lives f***ing matter!” the Antifa group wrote on Twitter on Aug 6.

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