PUBG Mobile Implements Age Restriction: PUBG Lovers Must Read Them


 It’s basically highlighting some of the absolutely ridiculous mistakes that I make in the day-to-day pub mobile grind as well as some of the decent players that I think are highlight-worthy just to show you that an old bloke like me can actually mix it up and throw hands with some of you young whippersnappers as long as I’ve got an iPad pro television I’ve got the screen I’ve got the dpi I’ve got the frames per second you could all suck it ah PMC already gangster goes down.

Now we jumped off the top of the mountain here we jumped at the top of the mountain because everyone down here was having so much fun and we wanted to be a part of that fun-filled extravaganza and it was a great decision because you can see I just picked up a   couple of chickadee boot kills everyone fell to bits I got the DBS I’m jumping around I’m living tall buildings in a single band I’m jumping on top of things PMC already gangster goes down again and awesome we are winning and we’re winning big until.

We realize that the circle was actually going back up the top of the mountain and there was only one black left and he hadn’t killed anyone and uh we didn’t have enough mitts and there’s a black up there who’s just doing little dance and this is the kind of play that I regularly engage in stupid decisions that lead to second place if you want to see something actually that was really funny we did a live stream where we had the DBS uh and everyone in the squad has a DBS this is what four DPS’s sound like in a squad rush.


How about that speaking of the DPS there was a couple of hackers on the outskirts of mil base um and they just kept smashing us with 300 meter m416 or 200 meters in 416 shots anyway uh and there is a real key with the DBS if you come against people that you think are suspiciously good at shooting people in their head at long range you know what works great only needing to hit them once and you’re going to see in this little clip here that we actually uh the rest of the school.

We all get touched up pretty hard I lean out and have a look there’s a bloke up there I just throw some hands have a look at this bloke and then he’s made just yeah straight away every time the legit skills were on display a lot of headshots going on and that that black over there just turned up and was like let’s get involved this wonderful stuff and we’re going to dust him up with a little bit of uh ump action I love the ump very underrated weapon.

I zoom over here comes the m416   again have a headshot grassroots mike all of him and then stock steve got knocked watch this boom thank you and if you make and just jump out the window there that’d be great yeah thanks very much TVs don’t give a rat’s ass about how good your own body is mate sit the hell down and just when you think I’m really really good here we go watch this entry this is amazing I’ve got to show the good and the bad I am an equal opportunity employer when it comes to me sucking.

I was so sure he was over there and he was just sitting there waiting for me to go up you’re good on you youtube pro absolutely this is amazing when you land you’re on top of midstream but there are no guns like you know what I could have pitched in the major leagues I could have been a contender if you could just stand there please sir I’ll take your photo that’s brilliant ah what about that grenade what an amazing grid that was unbelievable oh this is actually pretty cool this is on a stream a lot of you might have seen this is a did like a three-hour stream maybe three.

And a half hours the other day, uh and we’re getting towards the end of the game the 15 left alive and the crate dropped just over here outside of oh have a look here is oh should have been zoomed in there buddy it would have been okay as it was got the 6x on the old bison now watch this old man with some moves getting up on that roof super-quick bang bang tick tick tick tick boom big jump off the top and we pull out that old friend I’ve been talking about the DBS get some extra ball yeah that’s a right lot love it can’t get enough of it.

And just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water um I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here I don’t know what’s happening I don’t remember this clip at all professionalism this is where it’s all oh yeah this bloke what is he thinking what what what that just doesn’t work guys don’t do it, oh it’ll work sometimes but it’s not a really good idea this was amazing again the same stream actually I think this is the same stream had a hell of a stream uh pushed in there’s a full squad here right full squad yeah yeah fair enough that hurts there’s someone down below.

There’s someone on top there’s someone over there yeah good good good we all know about it that’s great we’re going to push in we’re going to get it on we’re going to do it do things we’re going to talk nice oh there’s just guns coming from everywhere it’s very edgy very very anxiety I don’t know why this bloke runs up without a weapon out honest to god I can’t tell you where he comes he’s he might I think he might have actually been stream sniping and he wanted to come and say hello whatever the case may be we uh finished him off but this isn’t the story.

Guys stick around there’s more coming and we pre-file the doorway because he might be desperately coming to try and revive him and then just make bad decisions we all make bad decisions so then we go on the roof look at the last two blokes over there this is outstanding watch this for a little bit of old man getting mobile I’m a viral beast I can’t help myself I just know what’s up to say bye-bye wave for the camera thanks very much and then we’re going to get across here we got to get amongst it I’m nearly foiled here by the geometry of the stairs.

 It’s a lovely little entry and I’m like I know exactly where I want to be the guy’s going to be going in the stairs to get the revive you know you can’t shoot through these stairs yeah I’m like you can’t be serious that’s ridiculous absolutely ridiculous anyway we’re gonna finish him off I’m amazing I’m brilliant I’m absolutely incredible this is how you play pubg mobile I know what’s up I’m a genius I’ve wiped the squad on uh four kills there got a nice push excellent what do they get they got some nice stuff, yeah maybe I should just take some time and I’ll change that scope for this scope.

And then what have I got an ump taken oh yeah no thanks I love the fact that pubg mobile just can make you humble in the blink of an eye you think you’re absolutely killing it when you’re playing aggressive and you’re jumping all over and you’re like I’m amazing I’ve got it going on I know what I’m doing i understand the game I’m good at it I can play well I’m going to duck and weave and jive and it just absolutely doesn’t give a rat’s ass and it will 100 sit you down and take you out the back of the woodshed and ruin you so we’re doing the same thing here.

And a full car turns up with four people I want you to watch this spray this is what I’m talking about what’s this which is one two three yeah gotcha oh there’s four in there how good are you not good enough not good enough apparently as the last bloke runs off to revive his three amigos this is an old standard we’ve all seen bush can make a video on this before I see fates on uh twitter always talking about this and I said he actually said a thing how am I meant to beat a bloke on 20 milliseconds king with an uzi from Australia.

And i said shotgun and apparently fatty the answer is not shotgun I guess you’re gonna see here then it doesn’t actually work I’ve got zero health right I’ve got no health I’m like just looking uh didn’t even pick up that versus disappointing I’ve got no ammo we just dropped me a shotgun I’m like okay here we go this is the answer I can do this all I need is a shotgun and back see I’m gonna do the same thing for the next guy and here it comes next guy’s coming out okay.

I can read hear him I’ve already hit him once I’ve hit him twice no-no desync says no need sit back down uh no shots were recorded in the article of so fancy you’re right you can’t do it you just can’t do it even a shotgun won’t get it done and then you have the guys who are just very skillful I’m just running around the top of this hill, uh we’re actually very worried in this game there’s a guy that was in the kill feed you’ll see him very shortly uh he had like 20 kills at this stage and it shot us through a wall and suddenly.

 A car pulled up on us and someone started shooting at me before I got there and I’m like oh okay yeah no this is our mate uh this is the hat this is the sheet 100 oh yeah someone’s hitting this yeah yeah no worries we’ll just stay here there’s one then someone at the back is just really good at shooting people with Tommy guns um and we said he was a hack up we thought he was a  cheat I just had plenty of hackers lately but this one was particularly annoying because we’d already faced him once and he started shooting us through walls.

So we left and I was when we read him for like 10 seconds and then like literally 10 seconds later it was oh let’s just pull up here we’ll drive straight here it’ll pull up and there’s a bike in front of me and then there’s another guy 200 meters away behind some trees there he goes you ready nice very good anticipation you uh just better gaming share all around I’m very impressed with your skills, uh you are the true MVP this is where nearing the end guys if you’ve been waiting upcoming is one of the greatest smokes in pubs mobile.

this is me and my weed you’re pushing smoke and I say hey no we’re not going to push but I didn’t actually vocalize that I just said we’re not going to stop here in my head and so Mr wedgie got out we have a lot of fun and then I try and shoot but zoomed-in I can’t get over the window and then does it go on my right and it’s like oh no this is really bad let’s do it roll the tape let’s have a look at this amazing military base hop drop no gear a car 98 and a dream.

I hit him but doesn’t kill him I don’t know enough and then he hits me which is very bad and uh Mr wager watches he’s got to be low Mr wedge doesn’t have a gun he does now he doesn’t have any ammo but he does now he’s punched that bloke out he is my hero and it’s amazing how quickly heroes can go from heroic like this where he’s punched everyone out and he looks the best ever into these situations where they are just diabolical potatoes here is my mate Mr week being king of the potato serious.


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