How To Play American Football Complete A Guide How To Play American Football in america


How To Play American Football Complete A Guide How To Play American Football in america.Guide to American football for liberals ladies and limeys the story of American. football is the story of America herself a tale of taking other people’s land by force each Sunday from September to February. The great cities of America send forth their champions teams named in honor of fierce creatures mythical deities local industries and occasionally antiquated racial slurs set forth to do battle for for 15 minute quarters plus half time.

Plus quarter period savages plus two-minute warnings plus six timeouts per team plus general play savages injuries and a breaks and all for the control of 100 yards of freshly cut American astronaut where each blade of grass stands for freedom. After the player deductions anthems the flyovers coaches handshakes and the cointossthe two teams line up for the kickoff and once the ball has been returned each team’s 11 offensive players take the field against their 11 defensive adversaries they have four opportunities or downs to advance.

The pigskin ten yards down the field and in doing so earn another for precious downs before each snap the coach and quarterback plots schemed to move the ball forward either handed it off to the running backs to rush the ball along the grounder by passing it through the air to the receivers meanwhile the opposition defense do their utmost to tackle players at the ball and crush in a such advance should the offense make it althea way to the promised land of theendzone the scoring player will calmly hand the ballas his team received six golden points with the opportunity for an extra point if they kicked the ball through the post however if the defense.

Ravel and honker drive toward the goal line the team with the ball may elect to punt the ball down the field to the opposition or if within range attempt a three-point field goal the defensive team is or as well should they manage to tackle the player with the ball on his own end zone the scoring a two-point safety and barring a few hundred pages of regulatory minutiae it’s just that simple as is the league structure itself the 32 teams of the National Football League are split into the American and national conferences these are further divided into four regional divisions at the end of the 16-game season the teams with the best record from each division plus the two wild-card teams with the next best records in each conference enter the playoffs the winners of the wild-card games then go on to play the divisional round the winners of which intern advance to their American the National Conference games finally the two most badass teams in the NFL faceoff for the Vince Lombardi Trophy and the greatest sporting event in history the Super Bowl the winners championship rings tickets to Disneyland a new pickup truck and immortality