NYC Mayor: I’m Laying Off 22,000 City Workers Unless We Get Fed Bailout


There is a reoccurring trend I see in cities run by Democrats: destroy the city, trash the president, and then beg for a bailout….if the president will not give a bailout, make ultimatums and throw tantrums.

That is exactly what’s happening in New York City, as Mayor Bill de Blasio declares that if the federal government does not give him a bailout, then he will lay off 22,000 city workers.

When CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked the mayor if he is struggling because of the crime spike in NYC due to defunding the NYPD, de Blasio deflected and blamed the coronavirus.

Watch his ridiculous demands for federal funds and the tantrum he throws in an attempt to get them:

In my experience, you don’t bite the hands that feed you. Perhaps if liberal officials want help from President Donald Trump, they should stop attacking him, defunding the police, and allowing their cities to run amuck.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and other top officials warned on Wednesday that the coronavirus pandemic was putting tremendous stress on the finances of government in New York City, raising the prospect that they might have to carry out cuts in infrastructure spending and some of the most sweeping layoffs of municipal workers in decades.

The bleak financial picture threatens to hamper New York’s recovery even as it emerges from a brutal lockdown that shut down businesses and brought the city to a virtual halt for three months after it became the epicenter of the U.S. pandemic.

The alarms from New York officials reflect a broader political strategy — threatening deep cuts as part of their effort to pressure Washington to provide more assistance. And New York City’s predicament speaks to the dire fiscal situation of states and localities across the nation.


With the coronavirus siphoning as much as $9 billion in tax revenue from New York City, Mr. de Blasio said on Wednesday that the city might have to lay off or furlough 22,000 municipal workers this fall.

“We are running out of options here,” the mayor said. “That is the blunt truth.”

The same morning, the state-run transit agency announced that it would suspend its much-heralded $54 billion plan to modernize the city’s antiquated transportation system.

The move came as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which oversees the city’s subway and buses, pushed for $3.9 billion in federal emergency funds to help the agency survive the crisis.

“To be clear, this is a four-alarm fire,” said Patrick J. Foye, chairman of the M.T.A., on Wednesday. “We are facing the most acute financial crisis in the history of the M.T.A.”

Mr. de Blasio described the layoffs and furloughs as a potentially necessary move in light of substantial budgetary shortfalls brought about by the pandemic’s steep reduction in business activity.

As the pandemic has continued to paralyze New York’s economy, the administration’s estimates of its own budget shortfalls have continued to rise, forcing the city to plan for spending cuts in numerous areas. The mayor said the administration was now looking for another $1 billion in savings


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