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You’ll see a sign or a sticker that’s on the meter or signage on the street that’ll say Park Mobile accepted. So if Park Mobile is accepted in that area you can use the Park Mobile app. So just open the app, and what you’ll see on the signs is usually a zone number. Now you can go up and take a picture of that zone number using the app and that will populate the zone number. Or you can just manually enter the zone number where you’re going to park at. So, once you enter that zone number, it’s going to give you the option to choose the duration of your parking session. So just click on the parking session.

Confirmation Screen:

Then you get a confirmation screen. So on the screen, it’ll show you the vehicle you’re parking. It’s very important to check the vehicle, to make sure you’re parking the right vehicle that’s in your profile, the amount of time and the payment method. Now, from this screen, you could change any of these things. So I’m going to change the vehicle here tan X5. I’m going to change the duration of time. I’m gonna say I’m going to park for an hour. I’m gonna set that duration. And I’m gonna change my payment method from the American Express to the Visa card. Lets you do that all on that confirmation screen. When you’re ready, just click Start Parking and it gives you a countdown clock so you can see how much time is left in your parking session. So, it’s a very quick and easy way for you to pay for parking and skip the meter. So check it out in the Park Mobile app.

Android Device:

You know that car you drive every day, the one you think you know inside out. Turns out, that car may have some hidden talents. (phone vibrates) (car honks) Hidden talents that could change how you drive. Chances are, your car is compatible with Android Auto, because almost 100,000,000 vehicles are, which means your car isn’t just a car; it’s a command center. Your Android device integrates seamlessly with your car’s display, so you can drive more safely and access the power of your Android device. You can talk to Google to send messages, make calls, play your favorite tunes, books, and podcasts; even find ways to avoid traffic on your way to that secret spot your Android device helped you find. Maybe the best part, Android Auto is ready to roll. And that car of yours is ready to start bringing its hidden talents out into the open for you.

Autonomous Parking:

The experience making circles looking for parking space. You wished your car could locate public parking nearby, drive AND park at an empty space on its own We all know the latter is very much possible with autonomous driving; the former would require 5G technology and a cloud-based control center. A mobile network operator successfully  demoed the world’s first self-parking system using 5G. Bae Eon-ji gives us a peek. This mobile app shows empty spaces at a nearby public parking lot. The person clicks on one of the blue parking spots and presses the button that says “start autonomous parking”. The car then drives itself along the streets of Seoul and parks itself safely in the parking lot major mobile network operator, LG U+ has successfully demonstrated the world’s first autonomous parking system using 5G technology.

“The self-parking system does not just provide convenience to drivers, but it also saves a lot of time.” Back in March, the company demonstrated a self-driving car using 5G on the streets of Seoul,… again a world first. Instead of simply recognizing traffic through cameras, the cars receive traffic information through 5G, which is much safer for the passengers. And empty parking spots are detected through CCTV installed in public parking lots. “So far, self-driving cars used cameras to check the traffic lights, which has some risk of error. But with 5G, there is “zero” possibility that it can misidentify a traffic light, as it accurately identifies the traffic signals.” The professor added that he hopes this service will help citizens who have difficulty driving,… such as the elderly and those with disabilities.

Parking Machine:

Cello Park’s award-winning technology lets motorists skip the parking machine, pay for parking without permits, tickets or handfuls of coins. Motorists can start and stop parking sessions on the app, through the website, or by phone, all from the comfort of their car To Start, download the app, complete the secure sign up form and now you’re good to park. If you have more than one vehicle it’s just a couple of taps to swap between them Then select the zone number using one of the following options: Scan QR code on the car park’s location marker, Or scroll through the list Or search by typing your location.

The app will automatically narrow the choices by using the location service on your device. Select and start as you leave  your car. Cello Park will countdown how much time you have left Premium account holders also get notifications when time is running out Slide to stop when you’re ready to driveaway. You’ll be billed only for the time you’ve actually used. If you forget to stop your session and have a premium account, inmoved can remind you. You can also set favorite zones for quick access and review your parking history online. Start using the Cello Park App Today.

Remote Start Icon:

In hot summer days, or cold winter nights it is great to be able to get your Hyundai Palisade adjusted to the right temperature. That’s why the remote start feature in Blue Link is so nice to have. To use it, you must have  an active Blue Link account and have the Blue Link app  installed on your smart device. Open the app then select the remote start icon. You can set how long you wish the vehicle to run. You can also set whether you want the climate control to operate. Tap the selector button to turn it off and on. Swipe up and down to set the temperature. If you want to turn on the front defroster turn it on by tapping the selector.

Once your selections are made tap submit. On the next page enter the pin that you have set for your Blue Link account. You’ll then see the request is set. After a short interval you  will get a confirmation that the vehicle has recognized  and processed your request. You should know that for remote start using Blue Link to work the care must have been started using the ignition within the last four days. The vehicle must be in park. It must also have the trunk, hood and all doors closed and locked. Also, it’s not recommended to use remote start if the vehicle is in a small enclosed garage or other small enclosed area. Enjoy the comfort.

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