In Barr hearings, Congressman Jerrold Nadler reveals himself to be an embarrassment to the human race


Bill Barr, who needs the job of U.S. Attorney General like he needs a hole in the head, had to sit for more than seven hours yesterday participating in this nonsense.

Jerrold Nadler is the New York Democrat who just days ago claimed violence by Antifa is a myth. He is a dishonest blowhard. He doesn’t have the slightest idea what’s really happening in Portland, Seattle or elsewhere. And I doubt he would care what the facts really were if anyone were to tell him.

Nadler’s purpose in this hearing is to berate the attorney general. It’s to proclaim the garbage narrative that federal thugs have been sent in to rough up peaceful protesters for the political benefit of Donald Trump. If not for a Republican member of the committee yielding his time to let Barr respond to Nadler’s blather, we might never have heard the fact-based rebuttal Barr offered.


If you have four minutes you can spend being appalled at the kind of people who became chairman of congressional committees in this country, knock yourself out:

Barr’s response to Nadler’s initial line of questioning is as hilarious as it is telling. Barr isn’t sure how to answer because Nadler’s questions don’t even make sense. Asking Barr if he’s spoken to the president about his re-election campaign, in the middle of an election year – as if answering in the affirmative would be evidence of some sort of wrongdoing – leaves Barr wondering exactly what this is all about.

The line about “mothers and veterans and mayors” is about as shameless a politicians’ melodrama as you’re ever going to hear, but there’s no reason to think Nadler has any shame. But he seems to think he has the right to assign it to Barr: “Shame on you! Shame on you!”

What an absurd spectacle. When Barr is finally able to speak, he makes it clear that – just as we’ve been telling you here – the only reason federal law enforcement is on the scene is that federal buildings are under attack by mobs, and local law enforcement in Democrat-run cities is characteristically doing nothing about it.

Nadler is so disconnected from reality that, in the middle of Barr’s detailed and factual answer, Nadler simply blurts out, “The facts speak for themselves.”

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Yes they do, and they indict Jarrold Nadler as a complete dishonest hack. But when Nadler makes that declaration, it has nothing to do with the actual facts. It has to do with Nadler being the chairman and wielding the gavel, and knowing he can bludgeon witnesses by talking over them and saying anything he wants.

The facts are nothing like what Nadler wants them to be, but if he can keep labeling his claims as “the facts,” he can probably get his media allies to repeat his fiction and call it truth.

William Barr is one of the few serious people in an increasingly unserious town, and he’s carrying out instructions to restore order in cities that have fallen into chaotic anarchy – mainly because Democrat mayors refuse to stand up to the mobs. To get hauled before a congressional committee for that is the height of absurdity. But this is the House of Representatives and it’s 2020 and the Democrats are in charge.


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