Future Technology;Best Magnetic USB Cable Review, Type C, Lightning or Micro, Fast Charge and DATA Capable.

 it’s a new magnetic cable yeah I know I already have an article about one but this one has a quick charge and it’s got data transfer capabilities so um before I start reviewing I’ve on my other article people ask me you know what’s the point of my magnetic cable isn’t it just a waste of money well yes and no I mean so it’s got a couple benefits one it’s good for older people if your eyesight’s going and can be kind of hard to find that port this one just wants to connect it’ll automatically connect you.

just got to get it in the general vicinity of the port another thing is if you’re driving easy snap-on without taking your eyes off the road if you’ve partied a little too hard New Year’s coming up and you’re not sure which one of the three holes the plugs supposed to go in then the magnet will help and decide for you so also if you’ve ever left your phone charging on the edge of the table walked by snagged your leg on the wired phone goes flying and if your especially unlucky lands right on the cable on the jack bends your cable damages your jack.

I mean this will be avoided with an amagnetic USB cable also easy to attach I keep mine on a little metal part of my desk hecka easy just snaps on snaps off wanting you to charge and then I just put it right back there really convenient one thing I will mention though if you work somewhere where there’s a lot of metallic dust say in a shop or you’re a welder this might not be the one for you you have to be careful because the magnet will attract the metal shavings and they can get in there and short-circuit it so you just have to be careful with that another thing.

That I heard from my previous article is if magnets are safe around the phone and the phone technology is not like it was back in the day where you had the HHD’s that were you know magnet could you erase your data these things have solid-state drives it’s not like the TVs back in the day where you know have a magnet near it and distorts the whole picture the display in here uses electricity basically to make the picture and those used magnetic fields um the GPS uses satellites mostly to find your location the compass can be affected by a strong enough magnet.

But this one isn’t strong enough to really mess with it because if you think about it your speaker’s got a magnet in it too so it’s perfectly safe to use on phones so without further ado let’s get to the wire so this is the one I was doing we’ve been doing the tests on this wire has been inhumanely abused it’s been ridden overstepped on pull dropped just atrocities done to it and that was just my wife using it and then I also did a couple of tests so I looked the main issues people had with this kind of wires.

And I tested this wire for all those issues that people have you know people write in reviews and stuff like that and it held up very well to each one of those tests so first thing first it’s got USB 3.0 and so that’s three amp fast charging it does data transfer it’s this speeds basically I did a test with one gig file and this one moved the file same computer same Port same everything in 37 seconds and my standard cable that came with the phone did it in36 but that’s human error and cable that came with the phone is only four foot long.

So what you get is one cable looks nice metallic aluminum I think really good quality and then you get three connectors one for iPhone USB C and micro-USB so when I was looking for these cables I wanted something with gold-plated pins and that’s what this has so one of the issues people were commenting about was the magnet was weak like you couldn’t um basically it pulled out too easily from the phone and this one doesn’t have that problem I mean you can really it really holds up well and then but when you need to pull it off it comes off pretty easily also another thing people.

Were having issues with the bright LEDs on some of the other ones if you keep it on your nightstand can be a real hassle and what this is what I like about this one is if you just flip it upside down and connect it like this and face it towards the table or whatever your phone’s on you can’t see it and doesn’t get in your way and then the main thing was the tips they broke too easily if you accidentally dropped your phone so I did some drop tests all right so for the drop test I decided to use hardwood four feet high approximately.

Sometimes a little higher survived the first couple drop tests just fine damage whatsoever so let’s see that’s drop test number two-three fourth phone came apart this is an older model that the batteries removable but the plug was still just fine five six I try to always make it land on the tip but sometimes it was a little off seven that was a good solid hit and eight and this is where the tip got bent it was still functional but just bent and I decided to stop the test here yeah so I decided not to go further cuz Imean if your pin plug starts being bent you’ll probably replace.

It so there’s no point but I feel like that’s really well from a four-foot-high drop repeatedly like that that it held up I think that’s a pretty good quality cable another thing this connector works really well with cases I tried it on this one this one’s just a thin TPU one and then I tried on a thicker one with the credit card holder option that one’s pretty thick and it worked phenomenally with both of them the tip goes in easy it comes out easy enough I mean it’s not like super easy.

But I mean you can pull it out and put it back in pretty simply if you need to that was another issue some people had I took the price into account when I was doing my research and it came down to two cables this one and then another one that one was shorter but it had the same price also gold pin connectors also same transfer speed datatype capabilities and stuff.

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