Future Technology; Truth About Apple iPhone SE Plus

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So the iPhone se plus is coming and today we’ve got plenty of awareness to share with you about the specs design price and release date before we get started if you’re a fan of apple let me know what device you’re watching this article on so after best buy accidentally listed a screen protector for the iPhone se  2020 many were hoping that it was gonna make its appearance at the latest iPhone launch event but it didn’t happen and to be honest that was always very likely well the iPhone se plus is a great budget choice.

And allows apple to capture a much lower end of the market with the release of the iPhone 12 and the 12 mini they would only be adding competition to their own devices if someone wants ios then their only choice is apple let’s not forget when it comes to the iPhone se plus although the phone is a bit larger than the iPhone 12 mini the display is only 0.1 inches bigger thanks to the large bezels with its predecessor launching in April 2020 we can expect the iPhone se plus in April 2021 at the earliest but reliable analyst ming Chi Kuo.

So that we won’t actually be seeing it until the second half of 2021 there are still many confused as to why Apple would release such a phone but it is very simple the iPhone se was successful and the iPhone se plus will be as well they’re releasing an old chipset in an even older shell which means they hugely save in research and development costs and can sell the phone for much less the more people on ios the better for apple as they make plenty of money from services as well as app purchases and anything you purchase on the app store or even your in-app purchases.

They’re making 30 of that transaction so the more people on ios the better for apple well the 12 mini will be a   great choice for those who want a smaller phone while it is more powerful than the iPhone se plus it still costs a lot more than the iPhone se plus is said to adopt the very same strategy as these so although it’s coming later we’re still going to be getting the a13 bionic instead of the new a14 the main differences are going to be a larger smartphone and a dual-camera setup.

 There are some who say that the iPhone se plus is no longer coming and we hope that their info is wrong we already had proof of its existence in the ios 14 code and this was discovered by 95 mac but it’s not to say that that couldn’t be canceled the specs and design are pretty much going to be the same as the iPhone 8 plus but with the a14 chipset instead and for those interested in the full specs we’re going to run through them now when it comes to the iPhone se 2021.

What we essentially have is an iPhone 8 plus but with some improved specification to make it a suitable device for next year we get a five and a half-inch display with a resolution of 1080 by 1920 now this isn’t going to be an AMOLED display but just a normal LCD to save costs we get a 16 by 9 aspect ratio and 401 pixels per inch and the display is of course protected by gorilla glass we get the more traditional iPhone to look for the sc plus with some big bezels all around.

And a physical home button which sports touch id when I say physical button though it’s a home pad that as with the 8 uses apple’s haptic engine to create the feeling of a click when pressed it’s not a physical button when it comes to the rear we’re getting a dual-camera setup on the iPhone se plus we’re reportedly getting a 12-megapixel wide-angle along with a 12 megapixel telephoto for a few optical zoom thanks to the new chipset.

The camera is going to be capable of 4k videos at 60 frames a second in terms of hardware we get the apple a13 bionic which even in 2021 is still a powerful chipset it’s coupled with three gigabytes of ram and comes in a choice of 64 128 or 256 storage it’s all powered by a 2691 milliamp-hour battery with support for 18 watts fast charge as well as wireless charging and it will be ip68 water-resistant it’s going to have Bluetooth 5 wi-fi 6 and the color choices are still unknown at this time.

 And it will of course ship with ios 14. when it comes to pricing this is something that may change over the coming months but analysts are predicting that the reason for a later launch is to keep the prices down and in line with the iPhone 2020 we saw this year if this is true we can expect the iPhone se plus to be around 380 pounds or 350  on release which is an incredible bargain for a new iPhone in 2021.

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