Future Technology: 2021 Genesis G80 All New Designs Look


We’ve been waiting for genesis to bring out the brand new g80 and the brand new gv80 their SUV just off the North American card of the year the g70 we’re excited to see what they have next welcome back to the channel I’mLauren Fix today we’re going to cover the 2021genesis g80 it is all new but we also will be covering in a separate video the gv80 which everyone’s very excited about so you can check out a link for that right up here if this is your first time to the channel.

We cover more than car reviews and first looks we give you great information you won’t get anywhere else give you ways to save money and give you car smarts. The main screen for the multimedia interface is the same as in the gv80it’s very large it’s over 14 inches it almost has that Mercedes size which I think Mercedes is a touch bigger for their bus system but it gives you a lot of great information.

The dial that you use is the same deal that you would use in the gv80 we did a really deep dive on that and you can check that out up here in addition you can see the navigation of the satellite radio and as you go through the systems connected genesis services are included but you also have the same sounds of nature set up there are a valet mode climate notifications your driving information and your manual is now in here because I’m sure it’s the size of war and peace.


Now going back to that home button you can touch the screens or you can use the dial in the center of the dial there is the ability to move your fingers to write it sort of like an old personal assistant type setup like a trio some really nice clean lines on the vents again ver it’s gv80 and you’re seeing that similarity because that vehicle rides on this chassis real wood which is really nicely done very nice boiled wood knurled knobs on literally everything you touch.

Because they want it to be clean further down you’ve got your setup for your map your navy radio your favorites and this beautiful climate control system that is built into the dash on the SUV version further down is this nice little cover which covers up a wireless connection as well as two USB connections a 3.0 and a 3.1i love this setup on the left just it’s clean it’s simple and I love the metal the aluminum that is nicely knurled whether it be for the volume the tuning your buttons of choice this is your controller for your multimedia interface.

And then also for the transmission center button is for the park you turn it to the right for drive neutral and reverse when you put it in reverse you get that same rearview camera an adjustable camera view and the side view mirrors tilt down so you can see you can also shut that off but this gives you the chance to decide what you want and when you turn this button you can see that’s your g80 next to the gv80 and you can see the whole vehicle you can also do it on the screen so it’s up to you whatever view you need and then there’s also the views here you can pick your adjustment.

Whether you want to see the car not there so you can see the sides which are good for parking or you just need a rearview backup especially when you turn the wheel you see that little yellow line moving that gives you the direction because most people don’t realize left is right but also notice here it shows the front wheels that move too see so it shows you over here a lot of people aren’t good at backing up and that sort of guides you to be a better driver going to the right you have two cupholders they’re not really designed for big bottles the same complaint.

I have with the gv80 the doors have spots for storage but certainly, nothing that large so you can press the drive mode button and you get your eco mode right here it changes the gauges as well just like in the gv80 custom comfort and sports the one thing it doesn’t sport that the gv80 does better is the bolsters come in to hold you in case you’re going to be a spirited driver if you really want to be calm while driving which seems to be the new sense of what lincoln and Cadillac are talking about you can have your sounds of nature whether you want the rain forest the open-air cafe.

The warm fireplace the snowy village I guess it’s whatevermakes you feel comfortable and relaxed the lively forest or these as we covered that in more detail on the gv80 as well there’s a lot of anticipation about the 3d dash it’s something you either love it or hate it I think it’s really cool it gives you that effect that it is real gauges and real dials but it’s all digital and it allows you to change the different modes if you turn the dial you don’t have to you can say I don’t want this I want to look at the service messages or the 3d cluster there’s a head-up display as there is in the gv80 so there’s your 3dyou can turn it on or you can turn it off and it’s really cool because what it does is it gives you that extra depth and one thing that it does do is it tracks your eyes so.

If you find that you’re falling asleep behind the wheel or you’re drowsy or whatever it might be it’s going to pick up that so this is something that you can decide what you want all those driver assistance aids can be turned on and off with the steering wheel here as well they really thought about all the details because of the knurling on literally every knob that you touch and those pedal shifts don’t think you’re going to need it but this is part of what this vehicle is all about so let’s take a look at the second row has plenty of space both headroom shoulder room.

And there pockets in the front they did a nice job in thinking about the details but there are no heated seats that may be the way this first looked vehicle is optioned I’m assuming they’re going to offer heated seats in the second row and the gv80 its ventilated and heated which makes it even a little bit more luxurious but these seats are really comfortable and I think they did a great job and I have to say some of the options you may not see at first you’ve got your regular climate control here.

And two vents storage lexicon audio everything is really nicely detailed including the Alcantara interior really well designed and the only thing I’m surprised is that these are manual shades they should probably be the power they have that and all the german cars they see that in lincoln’s Cadillac’s something that genesis might want to look at where the third person would sit you can pull down this armrest inside is a very large glove box with a USB connection which is nice and a pass-through piece you got skis or something long that.

You need to carry but one thing that you may not see at first is there are three-stage heated seats here and there’s a button for a screen in back so if it gets too hot your passengers can be cooli do like this a lot and this should be in the gv80two real cup holders, not plastic cup holders you can put a water bottle right inside that’s what people are carrying these days and they need to be able to have that not just in the doors but also in the center console and using the plastic ones not a fan let’s take a look at the trunk the key fob has your lock and unlock your ability to open.

And close the trunk press the button and hold it and the trunk opens and if you want to close it make sure to hold it that whole time period as we have learned it will stop now that it’s locked you can look at the alarm your autostart your park assist as you saw in the super bowl commercial getting in and out of those tight parking spots and the ability to find your vehicle in a dark parking lot just hit this button and the headlights will go on we reviewed the g80 last year and really liked it and didn’t even want to return it because it was that good of a vehicle.

And a great value but when 2021 came out let’s see what it looks like remember this is a first look we’ll have a full drive of it down the road so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it one of the things I noted on 2021 is the bigger grill because it can’t get any bigger because we need to let people know I’m driving a genesis this is very common Mercedes goes with the biggest logo and genesis tries to go with the biggest grill I think they’re competing with Lexus on that you’ll note that it’s quite large but they did it in chrome to make it look classier one of the things.

You’ll note besides that is they’ve cleaned up the lower end of this with a matte finish so it has some nice texture differences and I think they did a great job with that one of the things you’ll see in common with the gv80 is the twin headlights they’re double they’re LEDs and as you go along the side you’ll see that same detail is picked up so when you hit the turn signal you’ll see both the headlight and the side marker lights going together well designed one of the things that they did a little differently this year is they changed the wheel styles very similar to the gv80.

And again you can see the similarities this is a 20-inch wheel and it’s running on Pirelli tires different brand tire again each tire is going to be set up based on the style of the room that you buy so make sure to check that out as well there’s your detail for your marker light going along the side you’ll see a lot of german features again because they’re trying to compete with the Germans they’re trying to make this very classy sedan look and that’s part of that changes you’re seeing with 2021.

There’s a lot of style along the back there’s a little bit of a wing just to keep that rear end down at high speeds I don’t know how high of a speed it’s going to go but it just tried to keep along with that sporty look the g80 lo go the genesis like on the gv80 I said the same thing it just seemed a little bit far spaced apart I’d like to see it a little bit more package and the taillights that match the headlights and the side markers because it’s about continuity in addition you’re looking at two exhaust pipes they’re real exhaust they’re not fake like you see on some of the other brands.


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