FOOTBALL NEWS ROUNDUP! Lionel Messi Spanish League Matches Are Suspended


MY name is PRADEEP and this is my channel PRSOCCERART consider subscribing it coz we creating amazing football content in tamil ! today Monday,football news round up ! come up with so many football news ! football rumor so many shocking news and videos all compiled together and gonna present for you guys we’ve asked a quiz on our last video that who won the isl 2020 cup ? first person to answer correctly is this guy, so a big shout out to this guy ! there’s quiz in this video also so Don’t forget to watch the video till the end .

let’s get into the video without wasting time so the first new is about Lionel messi ! what’s that is LaLiga that is Spanish league matches are suspended indefinitely that is no particular date or time to be specific . only when the situation gets favorable we’ll start the league be it italy or spain . the situation is bit worse there due to this spreading of virus that’s even the last few matches were conducted under closed doors just like isl 2020 final ! due to this what happened is that lionel messi started playing football with his beloved dog normally he make the defenders roam like a dog but now he’s playing with the dog itself this video is bit old one but but it’s getting viral again.

Now why because is that a “stay at home” hashtag has been created so people start sharing this ans say us to stay at home so the next news what we’re going to see is that messi’s good heart what’s that is ronald hino was arrested in praguay and he’s in jail because of using a fake passport if you haven’t heard about the new go watch my last news video ! link is in the description box ! i’ve explained it clearly about that so, what messi did to his god father that is to ronaldhino is he is ready to spend 4 million euros to get back ronaldhino out of jail 4 million euros to get back ronaldhino out of jail this is an official report planning to get ronaldhino out of the jail using the lawyers he’s trying to help ronaldhino which depicts the good heart of him .

Meanwhile what actually ronald]hino actually doing is that prisoners will allowed to play football matches inside the ail they’ll be conducting football games inside the jail so,Paraguay jail has conducted a football match it seems and his team has won 11-2 i goals it seems in that ronad hino has scored 5 goal and 6 assists this might be rumors . don’t know whether it is true or hoax ! possibilities to be true is bit high because we know how well he’s good at football ! he is like “even if you put me in jail you can’t stop my spirit” he living his life ! on the other hand , messi trying to bail him out by giving 4 million euros !but the other side a player in praguay is trying get into the jail and want to play football game with him it seems ,who’s that is adabaiyol.

He has played in premier league mathes and all for arsenal now he’s got no chance so went to the praguay side olympia club instead of kickin the ball he kicked the opponents head ! see the video for yourself at least by this act he thought of getting inside the jail and meet ronaldhino is his greedy thinking i guess next mews is about isl 2020 finals .Yes ,it was a tremendous match but unfortunately it happened under closed doors no specttators were allowed they’ve even refunded ticket amount to he fans scoreline was atk 3 – 1 cfc and cfc has lost the match and the champions were atheletico de kolkata ! so many would have watched the live telecast but still a small highlights of the match. fernandes has took the lead in the 10tth minute for kolkata and agai till the first half it goalless after that goal and at the start of the 2nd half gazia scored the second goal for kolkata and the gained has gained the confidence after that but our boys tried their level best and scored a goal in the 69th minute by vaski somehow regained the confidence but at last in the 93rd minute again fernandes scored a goal so final score was 3-1 in favoring kolkata.


Let’s hope that in the next season we will win the isl championship comment down below and in LaLiga first player was tested positive for this virus results show it’s positive these are the official reports he is Ezequiel Garray , he’s a Argentinian defender playing for valencia club . he’s the first player to test positive for the virus is this guy! what he did is he self quarentined himself that is isolating yourself from the society and stop it from spreading to others by not getting touch with the people is what quarentine means nobody meets nobody being inside a facilty with nobody arround him ! not only that, some juventus players are also tested positive ! so what ronaldo did is ! in madera he started chilling in his rooftop ! i’ll share those images of that next news is about ceas fabregas so many football fans knew about him there’s no need of introduction to him fabregas has uploaded a video recently ! such a wierd video it is what’s that is about a bet which he bet in 2018.

With a goalkeeper generally when he goes to training , at the end of every session he would do a penalty shoot with high confidence what bet with that goalkeeper is that goal keeper was Willy Caballero what faregas said to him was if you stop this penalty then i would gift you a range rover . this is the bet unfortunately fabregas failed to score ! by that goalkeeper .for being true o his words , faregas went to a garage and bought a used land rover eventhough it’s in repair he bought it for 950 pounds and presented it to the goalkeeper and video has been uploaded by him itsems next news will melt your heart .what’s that is it’s regarding ronaldo eventhough he is chilling luxuriously in a resort what he did is it’s an official news !

His hotel that is pestana cr7 a collabration with pestana group it’s in portugal. what he did is nobody gets such good heart . the whole portugese cr7 hotels converted into hospitals to who all are affected by the virus . they can get free medication there ! that is they can get a free treatment there and ronaldo is ready to pay the salaries of the doctors nurses etc .this is a big thing and when i was talking about LaLiga and as i was saying it got suspended what will actually rest of the players will do messi playing wiht the dog at the same time fitness of the players are very important the who are not affected by the virus what are they doing ! coz if they start chilling they might lose their fitness . In that case , Sergio Ramos doing his intense workout at his place ! see the video which he uploaded on his instagram handle whatecver may happen . Be it the shutdown of the league he’s doing his duty perfectly without fail that’s insane final section in this football news round up is that a meme just to end this video with a funny meme what’s that is meme of the week ! i’ll be watching many memes regarding football . in that case, this meme got my eyes .

it is related to Zlatan Ibrahimovic see that meme virus affected zlatan itseems but virus has been quarentined itseems that is if the virus attacks zlatan then affected one would be the virus not zlatan is wha t this meme says . it was quite funny so, ishared with you guys . if you guys did not find that’s funny comment ” mokka ” down below tso this all about this video ” football news round up ” i’ve given news from LaLiga to isl then many donation done by messi and ronaldo if you like such video give a thumbs up ! if you find this video informative do share this with your friends ! now time has arrived for the quiz ! name the club that messi and ronadhino played ! comment down below . the first person to answer it correctly will get a shoutout in the next video See you tomorrow on an another video . Until then ,This is PRADEEP signing -off !


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