1970 vs 2018 – Match Ball Test! Which football Is Better?


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Let’s have a closer look on the FIFA World Cup Trading App from Panini just before we start with the video. You can virtually collect the Panini stickers from 1970 until today. I really like the option: Pack Battle You can open a pack with 5 stickers inside and battle against other people online. But you don’t know which players will be inside your pack before opening it! As you can see: we won the pack battle! It’s a nice activity! Have fun with the video! Servus and welcome to a new video My name is Konzi and today we will test the Telstar 18 And to make it a bit more difficult for the football we got the Telstar from 1970.

We will compare the two footballs And we’ll have a look at how the football technology has changed over the years, if there are differences and which ball will do better Have fun with the video! Both to 0,8 Let’s not destroy it 0,8! Alright so it’s equal requirements Woh, this really feels like a stone Exactly 0,8 Perfect, this means both are equal We’ll weigh both footballs to see if there’s a weight difference Let’s start with this one It’s definitely 426 grams The difference is below 1%. That’s negligible But I think there are differences in the surface The current World Cup 2018 football has deleoped quiet a bit It’s softer Also the surface is rougher which makes it easier to control under bad weather conditions like rain This ball It feels lighter, so if you would compare these two you would say that this ball has less air pressure Also the surface is smoother This is why the first point goes to the new 2018 World Cup ball -It barely made it-Precision Same distance but a different angle Okay now the same with this ball No the left goal.

This seems easier The right one is harder to hit The wind This one will hit it. Perfect! Stay focused My World Cup form is on point High shots, no bounce Crossbar challenge, right? 1:0 Ref, does it count? It did bounce It’s a no bounce pass challenge I’ll show you how it’s done not He told me to knuckle it 20 cm too short But I think think the ball was almost fully over the line Is this a polygraph? Here you’ve seen two great skills Pass and first touch This ball accelerates much faster It’s easier to shoot long distances with less effort This one’s a bit more old school School uld, how the Swedes say The modern football brings slight advantages for the precision challenge You begin Penalty pressure! I purposely looked into the left corner to distract him…


That was a typical penalty where you want to shoot to the left but then you decide for the middle and it results in this I was aiming for the top left corner I’ll switch back to the old football Now I have the advantage that Michi has sunscreen is his eye so I should win this Why do you stay in the middle? The keeper doesn’t offer any corner Pull yourself together! Now we will do a drop test I guess this is about 2m -2,44m-Okay the keeper knows what he’s doing .

We’ll drop the footballs from about the same height Let’s see for how lang the footballs bounce The new one bounced higher Again Due to the softer surface the new football bounces higher If we gave out points this one would go to the 2018 version again I think here you can see quiet well that there is no big difference in speed Here I have to applaud the old football because even with nearly 50 years in between them the speed is nearly the same Both footballs have been good Let’s see if the 2018 football swirls less Nice one! As the final conclusion I can say that the Telstar 18, the current.

World Cup football obviously contains more football technology It’s maybe even easier to control due to the rough surface Nevertheless I have to say that the 1970 football was already developed quiet well You could see that it was able to pick up pace equally good even though you maybe need a bit more power And it’s really easy to control as well During bad weather the difference between the footballs might get bigger because this ball contains 50 years of technology.

This is why I declare the Telstar 18 winner of the contest But even though the Telstar 18 is the winner and definitely more durable I have to give props to the Telstar from 1970 If you take into account that this football is 50 years old it was developed nicely and it’s definitely playable Also it’s much more stable in the air Especially for the nostalgics this is a very good choice Those of you who will get a hand on this, can be very happy Which ball do you like more? Do you prefer the 2018 or the 1970 version? Comment below! Thank you for watching As always, stay sporty and see you next time!


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