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Technology 2020: 3D Printer That Will Glow Your Mind

Technology 2020: 3D Printer That Will Glow Your Mind

Industrial 3D printing is changing the way companies develop products and devices with prototypes in hand within days designers and engineers can iterate and validate designs faster than ever before and since parts are manufactured in commercial-grade materials 3D printing is even being used as a production method for and used components.

So how does the technology work where does it fit in product development cycles and how can you leverage 3D printing to its fullest potential we really take pride in making better quality parts than anybody running even the same equipment that we’re running we take an approach that we want to be able to manufacture the same part.

Across all machines and the way that we manage that is through just rigorous preventative maintenance on our equipment we constantly make improvements to our maintenance schedules our calibration routines on the machines we’re really pushing our ultimate goal which is to build a part across an array of machines with the same outcome we have check lists associated with absolutely everything .

Our folks who are preparing builds to go on to the machines know what removing the support structures are breaking out apart from the machine is like so they know what the end product is going to be so they get a better understanding of why this person set the part of that way why this little piece of support structure is where you don’t want it to be.

Because it’s hard to get to well there’s a reason for it and we make sure our people understand where this come from once your order is placed it’s reviewed for issues by by technical staff and we’re performing offsets to the CAD file to ensure the parts as accurate as possible depending on the printing tech we’re adding support structure to the part to capture.

all the down facing surfaces possibly tilting the part to control warping issues.it’s then sliced into the thousands of layers and that has been pushed out to the printer for the part we built among 3D print processes out there all of them Stella Fogg Rafi really excels in small feature resolution and tight tolerances and smooth surface finishes sterile a thug Rafi was very early on adopted by the medical industry .

So we do a wide range of medical devices medical instruments probably the largest benefit of SLS specifically is the fact that this is an actual thermoplastic material so it exhibits much better mechanical properties a large percentage of our parts or customers that are doing injection molding but they realize they can take advantage of the reduction of components with snapped it’s living hinges SLS.

You see more induce functional prototypes where maybe surface quality is much of a desire for the customer when they want to do good form and fit functional testing a good use of DMLs technology is reduction of components so any way that you can reduce the assembly time reduce the part count it’s going to in turn reduce the cost of the process anything that goes up in the air adds weight.

Weight adds fuel and cost so reduction of components is very key in the aero space industry for that reason the density of the DMLs parts is going to be very comparable to a billet or machined metal part strength properties and all the different specifications are also going to be very close to what you would see out of a machine or die cast part we differentiate ourselves from desktop 3D printers .

Because we’re running industrial level equipment and we have a process engineering staff that maintains the process and the machines to a very high level and we’re able to produce very high quality parts with that our very reproducible order to orbiter and customer to customer prototypes is a technology agnostic company .

We have over 70 pieces of industrial 3D printing equipment we are open to using any manufacturers equipment assuming it meets the guidelines and quality WI for our customers an advantage many of our customers get from this technology is the reduction in inventory they need on hand rather than stock piling a ton of parts in multiple.

Years in advance they can pour on demand as needed product development is first and foremost quick turnaround getting near fully functional parts right off the machines that you’returning product design iteration times around in days instead of weeks .

Ready to elevate your product development cycle with industrial 3D printing get one to 50 plus prototypes and production parts in as fast as one day at proto labs if you have a CAD model ready upload it today at proto labs comm for an instant quote with real time pricing info and design feedback.

Top 5 New Technology Trends for 2020

Top 8 New Technology Trends for 2020

Technology is now evolving at such a rapid pace that annual predictions of trends can seem out-of-date before they even go live as a published blog post or article. As technology evolves, it enables even faster change and progress, causing an acceleration of the rate of change, until eventually, it will become exponential.

Technology-based careers don’t change at the same speed, but they do evolve, and the savvy IT professional recognizes that his or her role will not stay the same. And an IT worker of the 21st century will constantly be learning (out of necessity if not desire).

What does this mean for you? It means staying current with technology trends. And it means keeping your eyes on the future, to know which skills you’ll need to know and what types of jobs you want to be qualified to do. Here are eight technology trends you should watch for in 2020, and some of the jobs that will be created by these trends.

Top Trending Technologies

1. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of AI. With Machine Learning, computers are programmed to learn to do something they are not programmed to do: they learn by discovering patterns and insights from data. In general, we have two types of learning, supervised and unsupervised.

While Machine Learning is a subset of AI, we also have subsets within the domain of Machine Learning, including neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning. Each of these subsets offers an opportunity for specializing in a career field that will only grow.

Machine Learning is rapidly being deployed in all kinds of industries, creating a huge demand for skilled professionals. The Machine Learning market is expected to grow to $8.81 billion by 2022. Machine Learning applications are used for data analytics, data mining, and pattern recognition. On the consumer end, Machine Learning powers web search results, real-time ads, and network intrusion detection, to name only a few of the many tasks it can do.

In addition to completing countless tasks on our behalf, it is generating jobs. Machine Learning jobs rank among the top emerging jobs on LinkedIn, with almost 2,000 job listings posted. And these jobs pay well: In 2017, the median salary for a machine learning engineer was $106,225. Machine Learning jobs include engineers, developers, researchers, and data scientists.

2. Robotic Process Automation or RPA

Like AI and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is another technology that is automating jobs. RPA is the use of software to automate business processes such as interpreting applications, processing transactions, dealing with data, and even replying to emails. RPA automates repetitive tasks that people used to do. These are not just the menial tasks of a low-paid worker: up to 45 percent of the activities we do can be automated, including the work of financial managers, doctors, and CEOs.

Although Forrester Research estimates RPA automation will threaten the livelihood of 230 million or more knowledge workers or approximately 9 percent of the global workforce, RPA is also creating new jobs while altering existing jobs. McKinsey finds that less than 5 percent of occupations can be totally automated, but about 60 percent can be partially automated.

For you as an IT professional looking to the future and trying to understand technology trends, RPA offers plenty of career opportunities, including developer, project manager, business analyst, solution architect, and consultant. And these jobs pay well. SimplyHired.com says the average RPA salary is $73,861, but that is the average compiled from salaries for junior-level developers up to senior solution architects, with the top 10 percent earning over $141,000 annually. So, if you’re keen on learning and pursuing a career in RPA, the Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course should be the next step you take to kickstart an RPA career.

3. Edge Computing

Formerly a technology trend to watch, cloud computing has become mainstream, with major players AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud dominating the market. The adoption of cloud computing is still growing, as more and more businesses migrate to a cloud solution. But it’s no longer the emerging technology.

As the quantity of data we’re dealing with continues to increase, we’ve realized the shortcomings of cloud computing in some situations. Edge computing is designed to help solve some of those problems as a way to bypass the latency caused by cloud computing and getting data to a data center for processing. It can exist “on the edge,” if you will, closer to where computing needs to happen. For this reason, edge computing can be used to process time-sensitive data in remote locations with limited or no connectivity to a centralized location. In those situations, edge computing can act like mini datacenters. Edge computing will increase as the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices increases. By 2022, the global edge computing market is expected to reach $6.72 billion. As with any growing market, this will create various jobs, primarily for software engineers.

4. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) immerses the user in an environment while Augment Reality (AR) enhances their environment. Although VR has primarily been used for gaming thus far, it has also been used for training, as with Virtual Ship, a simulation software used to train U.S. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard ship captains. The popular Pokemon Go is an example of AR.

Both VR and AR have enormous potential in training, entertainment, education, marketing, and even rehabilitation after an injury. Either could be used to train doctors to do surgery, offer museum-goers a deeper experience, enhance theme parks, or even enhance marketing, as with this Pepsi Max bus shelter.

There are major players in the VR market, like Google, Samsung, and Oculus, but plenty of startups are forming and they will be hiring, and the demand for professionals with VR and AR skills will only increase. Getting started in VR doesn’t require a lot of specialized knowledge. Basic programming skills and a forward-thinking mindset can land a job, although other employers will be looking for optics as a skill-set and hardware engineers as well

5. Cyber security

Cyber security might not seem like emerging technology, given that it has been around for a while, but it is evolving just as other technologies are. That’s in part because threats are constantly new. The malevolent hackers who are trying to illegally access data are not going to give up any time soon, and they will continue to find ways to get through even the toughest security measures. It’s also in part because new technology is being adapted to enhance security. As long as we have hackers, we will have cyber security as an emerging technology because it will constantly evolve to defend against those hackers.

As proof of the strong need for cyber security professionals, the number of cyber security jobs is growing three times faster than other tech jobs. However, we’re falling short when it comes to filling those jobs. As a result, it’s predicted that we will have 3.5 million unfilled cyber security jobs by 2021.

Many cyber security jobs pay six-figure incomes, and roles can range from the ethical hacker to security engineer to Chief Security Officer, offering a promising career path for someone who wants to get into and stick with this domain.

Michelle Obama Says People Believe Her Husband Is President Of The World

Michelle Obama Says People Believe Her Husband Is President Of The World

Michelle Obama said that folks around the world believe that her husband, former President Obama, is that the president of the planet.The former first lady made the comments last week at the Obama Foundation Summit at the Illinois Institute of Technology.“There’s a power within the selection of Jackson Park,” she said, PJ Media reported. “Barack and that I don’t do things incidentally. I mean, there’s a technique.

“Barack’s presidential library could are anywhere within the world,” she continued, “because there are numerous people that desire he’s their president everywhere the planet. ny wanted it.“Hawaii wants it because it’s also an economic engine. it’ll be a visited presidential library because it’s getting to be alive, it’s a primary.“It is going to be a resource. And what better place to place it than in our backyard. Jackson Park is like that juxtaposition of everything in our lives,” she said. Imagine the ego one has got to need to believe that their husband, a former president, is that the president of the whole world.But that’s what it appears that the previous first lady has said and, judging by her statement, it appears to be what she believes. The comments came at an equivalent event where she said that the White race is running from black people.“As people doubted us coming through — ‘Are you Princeton material? are you able to really make the grade?’ are you able to cut it?’” she said.

There were a lot of preliminaries, but it was Michelle Obama’s show Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention, and she used it masterfully — carrying a rapt crowd along with a narrative of family, hard work, and truth-telling.

Largely wrung of politics, the first lady’s speech plotted parallels in her life and that of her husband, President Obama. She pointedly tracked their humble beginnings and strivings in an unspoken but clear contrast to the privileged upbringing of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

And, in a calculated aside, designed surely to address Republican criticisms that her husband does not celebrate success, she said this of his, and her, families: “They didn’t begrudge anyone else’s success or care that others had much more than they did. In fact, they admired it.”

It was a speech that those who follow the first lady say was largely a stump standard, but with extra ruffles and flourishes — family anecdotes and some humor.

The polished and popular Obama — her national approval rating is above 65 percent — has become her husband’s best campaign surrogate, humanizing him, as Ann Romney did for her husband last week, with stories of their daughters, and their broke early dating and marriage years.

“We were so young, so in love, so in debt,” she said, adding that their combined monthly student loan bill was higher than their mortgage.

Though she didn’t directly address her husband’s opponent, or the bitter battle Romney and her husband are waging, Obama took direct aim at what some Democrats claim were lies embedded in messages that emanated from the Republican National Convention last week.

Growing up, she said, she and “Barack” learned from their families dignity, decency and that “the truth matters.” It was one of her biggest applause lines.

The connection with the middle and striving classes, the struggles raising children with a semblance of normalcy, of being young and in love — and still in love. And of considering her most important title “mom in chief.”

“For Barack, success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives,” she said.

That was all part of Obama’s imperative Tuesday. She appeared twice to tear up, talking about family and of going forward.

But it was her get-out-the-vote rally cry, a plea for four more years because, as “Barack” says, “we’ve got so much more to do,” that will perhaps have more long-term resonance. That and a character reference from someone who says she had some misgivings four years ago about what the presidency would do to her husband, her children, a life she had built and loved.

“Being president,” she said, “doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are,” a sentiment that struck some in attendance.

“When she said the presidency doesn’t change a man, it reveals him — that was a very powerful message,” said Dan Lankilde, state Democratic chairman of American Samoa.

It was the same message that resonated with Pat Jones, a Pennsylvania delegate. “I believe that — the president hasn’t changed. She emphasized the vision. I believe in that vision.”

TECHNOLOGY 2020: The World’s Most Powerful Laptop

The World's Most Powerful Laptop

Hey, how’s it going?  This is something very special from Acer, it’s the Predator 21X. So this box has a laptop in it. It’s huge. It’s the biggest, it’s the heaviest, it’s the most expensive laptop in the world.  This one’s kinda special, I’d though I’d share the experience with you.  This is so big. I don’t know why they needed such a large box. *Wow.* Okay.  This is so heavy! *Laughing.* Oh my god. Okay. I gotta see this, I gotta see what it looks like. Okay, this is surprisingly heavy.

I knew it would be heavy, but this heavier than I thought it would be. Okay. Now I’m going to put this aside for just two seconds, while I look at the inside. Let’s see what else is in here. This looks like a weapons case, like if I like, went to a weapons dealer, and he showed me what I was going to buy, this is what it would look like. What is this?! Cool. We have a track pad. Oh, it’s got a number pad on the bottom.

But it’s like a track pad/number pad. Okay, you must be able to switch that in and out. You get… …pamphlets. Oh no, it’s keys. Aghh, this is so cool! Okay, I’m assuming this has removable WASD keys. And a removable space bar, maybe for, like, I don’t know, we’ll see. That’s pretty cool. I should take this stuff out, ’cause what I’m going to–plug it up in a minute. We get two very large AC adapters to power this thing.

I want to see what this looks like on the inside. ‘Cause this is special. Holy smokes, you could get a serious workout just lifting this thing… …all the time. Ohh… kay. I love the blue keys. This keyboard– it’s so weird! Seeing this type of keyboard in a laptop. Like this is like your regular desktop keyboard. And it’s a mechanical– I think it’s mechanical. Feels… It could be like a… a Cherry Brown, or like a Brown switch? This feels like a really nice keyboard, and it’s weird to have this kind of key travel and this type of tactility.

In a laptop? Are you kidding me?! Okay, this is cool. I though this would be a sticker, but it’s not. This looks like it’s, like, painted right in. Okay, look at this. Limited edition, 17 out of 300. That’s pretty cool. Okay, this shows you how you can use… …this thing. So you can… okay I get it. So you just plug it up. Oh it’s magnetic! Ohh! That satisfying click. Does it come out? Okay, and you can just flip it.

When you want number pad, and when you want… …track pad. Okay, I need to boot this up. Now I didn’t go through the exterior features while I opened this, because quite frankly, I was, like, super excited to just boot it up and see it. But now that I’ve looked at this for a second, the build quality is so good, there’s no play or flex on any parts of this laptop. The screen is probably one of the most unique features on this thing, and it’s a curved screen, and I’ve never actually used a gaming laptop that had a curved screen.

This might be the first one of its existence. The whole reason why you have curved screens is to give you that extra level of immersion in games. But the color accuracy and brightness on this thing are fantastic. The other thing that’s really cool is that it’s a refresh rate of 120Hz. Games are going to look really good on this thing. My only suggestion if you happen to be one of the 300 people that get one of these, is to do this to your keys.

It’s perfect, now it’s, like, customized to the way that your hand naturally rests. There’s an eye tracking thing down here, I’ve never been a user of Tobii eye tracking. I’ve seen people, like, play games directly off of this, but I’ve never tried it myself. So… it says caution over here, but I’m going to crack it open. I should power this down. Okay, we’re going in. I’m curious to see what’s inside this thing. Uhhhhhhhh, am I giving this too much pressure? I mean, it’s *only* $9,000. Aghh, it’s coming apart, yes! We’re in. Hard drive. 2 RAM sticks. I’m going to see the underside now.

Four M2 slots, two more sticks of RAM, WiFi card. So the inside’s pretty simple to access, if you need to get in there. So you’re able to run a lot of storage on this thing. 5 drive bays, you probably won’t need any kind of external storage. The Predator 21X uses two AC adapters, each one of these is 330 watts, it’s a lot of juice going through here. And they both connect into this rubber housing, which kinda keeps it in one package.

I’m going to port some specs, I’m not going to go into too much detail, but this is as loaded as a laptop gets. It’s beyond impressive. In terms of the speakers, they don’t sound bad, but I think for a laptop this size, I had unrealistic expectations, I kinda thought it would sound amazing. They do get louder than your average laptop, though. The SLI GTX 1080s are incredibly powerful. This is the stuff that dream desktops are made of, and then when you put it into a laptop form, it becomes even crazier.

I ran some benchmarks, just to see how it would compare, it performs like a crazy powerful desktop, it’s insane how much horsepower this thing has. Alright, I want to play some games. Let’s put this thing to the test. The framerate on this thing is fricking amazing. One thing I just noticed, the fan noise when you’re idling is surprisingly quiet. I thought this thing would be significantly louder, because it’s a pretty powerful processor.

But even when you’re playing games, if you’re on the default mode, it’s pretty quiet. ah The external temperatures are very comfortable, even when you’re playing games. When I’m running benchmarks, there is some thermal throttling on the default mode. But if you crank up the fans, that throttling disappears, and you can overclock it pretty generously. I don’t know if the mic will pick it up, but the fans are on full tilt right now, and it’s loud.

Obviously this is a very powerful laptop, but whether or not it’s worth it, chances are, if you’re watching this video, and you’re kinda wondering whether or not you should buy it, this is not for you. But, if you want to live the dream, and you have the money for this thing, this thing is incredible. Amazing performance, amazing device, limited edition, pretty cool.

Elizabeth Warren says Government should be Allowed to Confiscate Citizens Property

Elizabeth Warren says Government should be Allowed to Confiscate Citizens Property

Elizabeth Warren is one of the most dangerous politicians to emerge on the national stage in modern American history.

She is taking the ideas of socialism and bringing them to the mainstream, hoping to imbue them with a Harvard faculty lounge academic pedigree of respectability along the way.

Panam Post reported that under the terms of Warren’s new proposed “Wealth Tax” the American government would do something that it has never done before, something that is characteristic of fascist, Communist, and totalitarian governments: the actual confiscation of assets, as opposed to the mere taxation of income.

The government would start off by taking 2% of all assets from Americans with a net worth of over USD $50 million, and 3% of assets on the net worth of Americans over USD $1 billion, every year.


But there is no promise that the government will not seek further confiscations targeted towards the rest of American citizens, regardless of income.

Before even addressing the Constitutionality of such a proposal (or the public policy merits), Warren’s ludicrous legislation presents a bureaucratic headache right off the bat: who, exactly, is supposed to be in charge of valuing these assets?

Assets, particularly of high-income individuals, are particularly volatile, The Washington Post noted.

The left believes your income, or property, belongs to the government and it is up to Washington to determine how much of it you can keep.

It’s troubling that Warren is reviving a dusty old policy idea that has failed almost everywhere it has been tried.

But it’s much more troubling that she has decided to focus her agenda on a proposal that almost certainly cannot be implemented without getting three-quarters of the states to vote for a constitutional amendment — or a Supreme Court that skews to the left.

It’s no way to run a government, but in the current times, it is, sadly, a pretty good way to run a Democratic presidential campaign.

After Kamala Harris Praises Jacob Blake – Megyn Kelly Drills The VP Pick: How About Blake’s Victim

After Kamala Harris Praises Jacob Blake – Megyn Kelly Drills The VP Pick: How About Blake’s Victim

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly criticized Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) Tuesday for saying she was “proud” of Jacob Blake during a meeting with him in Kenosha, Wis.

“PROUD of him? He’s accused of breaking into a sleeping woman’s house, sexually assaulting her, humiliating her & later returning to harass her,”  Kelly tweeted. “Then the cops she called for help say he resisted arrest, assaulted them & went for his knife. How about a word for his victim, Senator?”

What’s Happening:
Ever since Jacob Blake was shot in Kenosha by police officers, leftists have been praising him as something of a martyr.

They seem to be ignoring the fact that Blake had an outstanding warrant on him and was being confronted by officers, while trying to steal a car.

It seems the man had a history of wrongdoing and should hardly be praised.

But Democratic candidate for vice president, Kamala Harris, apparently told Blake himself how proud she was of him.

If that doesn’t sound right to you, it didn’t to Megyn Kelly either:

PROUD of him? He’s accused of breaking into a sleeping woman’s house, sexually assaulting her, humiliating her & later returning to harass her. Then the cops she called for help say he resisted arrest, assaulted them & went for his knife. How about a word for his victim, Senator?

After Sen. Harris praised Jacob Blake, saying she was proud of him, Megyn Kelly called her out.

She brought up the inconvenient facts about the Blake case. That he is accused of breaking into a woman’s house and assaulting her.

After she called the cops, he resisted arrest and went for a deadly weapon.

By no means does it appear that Jacob Blake is a victim of “racist” cops or “police brutality.”

Instead, he is a man who allegedly broke the law and incited the consequences.

Kelly also brings up the fact that Harris, someone who claims to be a champion of women’s rights, is neglecting this victim.

It seems the woman who wants to be vice president considers Blake to be a role model or hero.

Black Lives Matter and the media seem fine with promoting an inaccurate portrait of Blake, in order to push their narrative.

But why would a woman seeking high office do the same? Recently, Joe Biden scrambled to condemn the violence that has rocked so many American cities.

After all that, his running mate praises a man who should face trial for his long list of charges.

Seems like the Democratic Party has their priorities all mixed up.

Key Takeaways:
Kamala Harris called up Jacob Blake, a man who resisted arrest, and told him she’s proud of him.
Megyn Kelly called out Harris, bringing up the many crimes Blake is being charged with.
Democrats have condemned the violence, but refuse to confront radical activists or criminals.

Technology 2020: Apple iPhone 12 – New Reveal!

Technology 2020: Apple iPhone 12 - New Reveal!

The whole apple iPhone 12 range have been revealed in new stunning renders and i’ll be sharing the details right after this. If you’re new here and want to stay up to date with the latest tech please   hit subscribe followed by the bell. You can also keep up on Facebook, Instagram & amp; twitter by clicking the links in the description.

So there’s plenty to talk about today in regards to the new apple iPhone 12 we’ve got the apple launch event mass production starting news of a different release structure than we expected and new renders that show off the whole range in all its glory before we get started though please like the video if you’re looking forward to the apple launch let me know in the comments what device you’re watching this video on but the first story of the day is the launch   event from apple many sources including mine advised of a launch event yesterday that would supposedly be the new watch in the new iPad but not the iPhone 12.

Well it turned out that that was incorrect but apple did officially  announce their online event for the 15th of September which is next Tuesday many are now saying that this event is where we’re going to be seeing the  apple iPhone 12 series one of the main reasons for this is the teaser logo if we go back to 2017 the apple logo was the wallpaper of the iPhone x in 2018 we  had the gold circle which was teasing the new gold iPhone last year we had   the iPhone 11 colours making up the apple logo and this year in 2020 we see this   blue apple logo for those unaware we’re now expecting the introduction of a new blue iPhone 12 so this is leading people to believe the apple logo is trying to tease this on the other side of the story we’ve got john process still saying that it’s the apple watch in the iPad and not the iPhone 12.

 Apple have already scheduled a live event on their official YouTube channel and they’ve used the heading time flies which is of course hinting at a watch if we take a look at their live streams metadata we can also see apple watch and series 6 listed inside the keywords to throw us off they’ve also got some others like iPad and iPad air as well as a keyword for iPhone we can be 100 sure that we are gonna see the apple watch series six at this event but we’re gonna have to wait and see about the iPhone most people are still sticking to an  October launch date and my source is saying the same according to nikai mass production is now starting and they’re going to start with the affordable 6.1  inch iPhone 12 as this accounts for 40 of their total production.

 It’s expected to be their best seller as it replaces the 11 which was the most popular this year Digi times also advised that the new iPhone 12 lineup is going to arrive in two different stages we’re going to get the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 max and the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 pro coming first and then later on we’ll get the 6.7 inch iPhone 12 pro max along with the budget-friendly 5.4 inch iPhone 12.

There are also rumours that there could be two separate launch events one being the 15th of September next week and the other being later in October but this is just speculation and it’s not something i think that apple would do finally we’ve got a new trailer video from a noility technology showcasing the whole iPhone 12 range and as always links to his channel are down in the description it’s a great showcase and shows the whole range to allow you guys to compare sizes of the iPhone 12 but from information.

I’ve been given there are a few things that are slightly incorrect   for a start the notch is going to be bigger on all of the models and it’s actually going to be the same size as the previous generations   secondly the camera module on the iPhone 12 pro max looks to be incorrect as it’s actually expected to look more like this we’re hoping for the iPhone 12 pro to have the same camera module with the lidar sensor but at this stage there are still actually a few uncertainties with mass production starting though it won’t be long until we get some live photos of the finalised iPhone 12 that’s going to be going out to consumers with all this information.

I’m still expecting the iPhone 12 launch event to be in October but if it does  turn out to be September with the rest of the devices then it’s going to be a   huge and very exciting launch event as soon as we get more information i’ll of course post an update but if anyone does want more detail on the iPhone 12  models we’re going to run through what we believe is coming now for my regular   viewers you guys have seen this so jump to the next video but in the unlikely   event you’re new here then hit subscribe now and we’re gonna get right into it to start with we’ve got the entry-level model of the apple iPhone 12 and this is   just going to be called the iPhone 12.

It’s a 5.4 inch iPhone with an oled super retina display from Samsung it’s important to note straight off the   bat that super retina means absolutely nothing so don’t get too caught up on that but nonetheless it’s going to be an oled display with a resolution of 2340 by 1080 and this gives us 475 pixels per inch and it’s got an 8-bit colour depth well there have been rumours of all models having 120 Hz displays unfortunately it appears that this model is only going to be 60 hertz.

It’s going to be equipped with 4 gigs of ram and it’s going to come with a   choice of 128 or 256 storage it’s got an aluminium frame and of course it uses the apple a14 bionic chip with 5g support the iPhone 12 is coming with dual cameras on the rear and it will of course be shipping with ios 14. For those that want the 4 gig of ram with 128 storage it’s launching at a price of 649 if you want to upgrade it to the 256 gig iPhone 12 then it’s 750 next up we’ve got the iPhone 12 max to be clear this is the   max and not the pro max the iPhone 12 max has a 6.1 inch oled display this again is a super retina oled display and we believe.

it’s now going to be manufactured by either Samsung or lg as boe did not pass the quality assurance tests it comes with a resolution of 2532 by 1170 and this gives us 460 pixels per inch and again it has an 8-bit colour depth. We get 4 gigs of ram a choice of 128 or 256 storage and of course the iPhone 12 max is powered by the a14 bionic chip it’s got an aluminium frame a 5g connectivity and it uses a dual camera setup on the rear for those that want the 128 gig iPhone 12 max it’s going to be launching at a price of 749   for those that want the 256 gig version then the price rises to 849 dollars next  up.

We’ve got the iPhone 12 pro the iPhone 12 pro also has a 6.1 inch   display so it’s actually the same size as the iPhone 12 max but we do have an   improved display in specs on the iPhone 12 pro we’ve got a 6.1 inch super retina oled display with pro motion and 10-bit colour depth the display is manufactured by Samsung and has a resolution of 2532 by 1170 giving us 460 pixels per inch.



Here to discussing with you guys some years ago we did a creative workshop in Paris. I could afterwards define what this car should be in my eyes. Paris is one of most advanced and prestigious cities in the world. And it has lots of history. Prestige. Luxury. History. This car should have all of it. My name is Maximilian ??I am interior designer at Audi . When talking about the interior design of the current A8, prestige was the basis of developing the car. How did we achieve this? First of all is creating width, because width Is for us the definition of luxury in a car.

Then of course the back panel architecture which integrates seamlessly the screens in their dashboard and in a center console. As a design team we said okay craftsmanship, this is what the Audi customer knows and what he expects. It’s super nice leather authentic wood, stitches that are perfectly made and we’re like OK this is craftsmanship. We want to transfer into the digital world. On any screen which you can see in the car, any graphics there was a person sitting and defining it and sketching it and looking after that we get this high end high definition graphics.Overall if you include the screens in the back, six screens into the car.

They should not look like screens put somewhere on the had to be integrated seamlessly giving a perfect ergonomics to the customer Because the screens are coming closer to the driver and the passenger and they are easier to reach. This car should have something which no other Audi is going to have. And I think this is exactly what we made with the vents. They are just coming out when you need them. Even the movement itself, it’s the best technology you can get.

The back of the car it’s equivalent to the front row because we integrated the design of front center consoles.We have the controller Which is a piece you can just take off and you can control everything. It’s the screens,it’s the sunshades, the seat heating the cooling, the massages,the massage by the way is awesome. The Matrix reading light,so this is a nice transfer from the technique we get from the exterior because the headlights have this Matrix light so this is pretty unique. And it has to be really spacious. I just invite you get into the car having sit down and back and just enjoy it.

It’s amazing. Since the beginning we had the aim to create one interior, and one room where you feel, no matter where we’re sitting, you feel wow this is a luxury car. It’s defining the DNA of Audi every time a new A8 is coming onto the market. We have two shift it into this digital environment we are now living in and this car should not just match. It should define. It’s cool to make a big step… This car is is not an evolution it’s a revolution.

BREAKING: Celebrities Are Up For “Total Hollywood Strike ’’ Until President Trump Resigns

celebrities against trumps
Big names Comment React to Trump: ‘Can’t wait until we get rid of the president.’
Big names mixed to social media on Thursday to criticize the reported use of “to depict a few nations in the midst of an immigration meeting speech by President Donald Trump.
The Washington Post reported Thursday that Trump used the swear word when addressing nations like Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations in the middle of an Oval Office meeting to negotiate a possible bipartisan immigration settlement.
“Why do we have all these people coming here from Shithole countries? “The Post quoted as telling the president.
Trump refuted the statement Friday in a post to his Twitter account, saying Democrats had “made up” the comment to dishonor him.
Nevertheless, Hollywood actors and media personalities tried to blame the president for bigotry, including vocalist John Legend, who blamed Trump for his “entire public life” as a racist.
Actor Ben Stiller: “Haitians were a large part of the American melting pot … 14% of us Haitians were administrative and professional in 1990-lawyers, scientists, teachers, physicians, business managers. That figure was 24 percent by 2010… Haitians are a people of pride and resilience and their country is not.
Actor George Takei: “Trump seems to want more Norwegians, and less people from African” shithole “nations. You know what a shithole is, really? The goddamned voice of Trump ».

Writer Michael Moore: “To paraphrase Stephen Colbert, those are not” shithole nations, “since Donald

Soros Taken Into Custody for Crimes Against America

Soros Taken Into Custody for Crimes Against America

The man behind the money that funds all of the liberal trolls on the internet and all of the paid protesters currently trying to burn down the American way of life has been arrested on charges of hate cr*mes against the people of the United States. George Soros, a billionaire snowflake and the cause of every problem in America was taken into custody on a warrant signed by the president himself, Donald Trump.

Soros will face a military tribunal on charges that he willfully compromised the safety of US citizens by paying violent thugs to riot in the streets after Trump was elected. He will also face charges of conspiracy and cyber terrorism for his role as the mastermind behind internet trolls who have wreaked havoc on right-wing social media groups and pages for more than five years.

A statement released by the White House Office of information and Propaganda states:

Soros is a traitor to the American people. His cr*mes are inexcusable acts of terrorism. He will be held in accordance with federal law as an enemy combatant of the people.

Looks like karma is finally catching up to the people who think they can just say whatever they want about President Trump.


De Niro: ‘This time I’m serious, I’ll move to Italy if Trump is re-elected

It seems to be a common statement before a presidential election: “If so-and-so is elected, I’m moving to Canada” (or some other country).

Actor Robert De Niro, known for his repeated fierce attacks on the President, was one of several high-profile celebrities who pledged to move under a Donald Trump presidency – yet stayed put.

But this time appears to be different.

The Raging Bull star, who is still fuming in anger about Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, has said this time he’s serious about leaving the United States if Trump is re-elected.

Speaking to molisetabloid.it, De Niro said he plans to spend the last years of his life in Molise, the land of his great-grandparents if Trump wins again.

“My family is from Ferrazzano, near Campobasso. Do I have Italian citizenship? Yes. I’ll probably have to move there,” the 76-year-old said.